Vitamin D Deficient? Look Out For These Signs!


Vitamin D deficiency is a very common medical problem in the United States and throughout the world. In fact, according to the Harvard School of Public Health, one billion people worldwide are deficient in Vitamin D. That’s a huge number of people who probably don’t even realize they have a problem.

In America, and especially in the northern states where it is cold and cloudy for half of the year, this is a substantial issue that many are unaware of.  A 2000 study reported in the Archives of Internal Medicine reports that 77% of Americans are vitamin-D deficient.

Vitamin D affects almost every aspect of your life including your physical and mental health as well as your ability to perform in sports and other activities. It is essential for strong bones, mood-boosting abilities and increasing immunity. It is a crucial part of a healthy lifestyle, though diagnosing the problem can sometimes be challenging.

Read on to learn about the benefits Vitamin D provides, as well as the signs and symptoms of a deficiency.