Why Vitamin C Is So Effective Against The Flu

Getting the flu is the absolute worst. You feel tired, achy, and you just straight up do not feel like yourself. But if you don’t want to stuff yourself with over-the-counter medicine or pills, there just might be an herbal fix for you. The natural benefits of vitamin C will definitely astound you and convince you to take the plunge! Here are the top health benefits this miraculous vitamin can offer you.

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Natural Vitamin C Can Help Reduce Cold Symptoms

The great thing about vitamin C is that it is completely natural and doesn’t the nasty contain side effects that might be found in cold or flu medicines. This vitamin is also a great alternative to medicine if you are prone to getting drowsy. Vitamin C is great at treating a common cold or flu because of it’s natural antihistamine properties. Antihistamines help to control allergies by reducing the level of histamines. This reduction will make it easier to breathe and will also lower the amount of mucus being created in the respiratory system.

Vitamin C Can Lower Cholesterol

Vitamin C is great for your blood and your heart, not just your lungs. As vitamin C enters the blood stream, the vitamin converts cholesterol to bile, which can easily be evacuated from your system. This means that if you eat a lot of vitamin C, you can go “Number Two” and lower your cholesterol. What’s great about lowering your cholesterol through vitamin C is that you also help your blood flow, which can help you get over any sickness, including the flu.

Vitamin C allows your blood vessels to dilate, meaning that they can open up and allow increased blood flow to the heart. This action of dilation can help your blood repair illnesses, like the flu, and can also help eliminate the chances for heart disease. This is the reason why many athletes, like Olympians, take vitamin C tablets so that their hearts are the healthiest they can be on competition day.

Vitamin C Can Help Heal Wounds

Vitamin C is an essential key element for the production of collagen in the body. Collagen is the protein needed to connect tissues in the body, meaning that collagen is what keeps your skin and ligaments tightly held together. So an increase in Vitamin C can help to help promote the healing process of minor cuts, deep bruises, and even broken bones.

Vitamin C Can Help Heal Wounds

Vitamin C Can Help You Breathe

When you have a flu or a cough, there is a lot of mucus build-up in the lungs and the connecting airways. An increase in vitamin C can help expand the airways that are needed for deep inhaling and breathing. This can help whether you feel a little stuffed up or if you’re having major trouble breathing.