Is Too Much Sitting Bad For You?

We all like to spend some time on the couch. But how long is too long? Some new studies make it clear that sitting for more than a couple hours of the day could actually be hurting your health, even if you work out!


The American Heart Association has recently come out to say that even if you work out, sitting too much can be problematic to your health. Based on scientific evidence and studies, the association stated that the regular American sits for about six to eight hours every day. This study only looked at people younger than sixty, meaning that the older folks of America are sedentary for even longer.

Adults who are older than 60 are usually more prone to be sedentary for around 10 hours a day, and they are also more likely to develop cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

The association states that even though someone is physically active, they are at more risk if they just sit around. The regular amount of time you should work out during the week is for 30 minutes for five days, or collectively for 150 minutes per week. If you are sedentary for hours on end, you are actually not as healthy as you think. Even the healthiest of all people can have an increased risk of diabetes, impaired insulin sensitivity, and a higher risk of death for any reason. Yes, you read that right. Not moving simply increases the risk of death.

So, what is the solution? Yes, it is easy to simply suggest to people that you shouldn’t just sit around and that you have to move around. But there are some helpful suggestions that you could follow.

Over the course of the week, someone who is trying to be healthy should complete at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise. This could be a half hour of yoga for five days. However, if you want to do more exercise, keep it to 75 minutes during the week. This could increase your heart rate and lower your cholesterol by at least half. There are some other simple things that you could do to not remain so sedentary, too.

Be sure to take a ten minute break every one to two hours if you work at a desk or have to sit for a very long time. This will make sure that you not only stretch your legs, but you are also increasing your heart rate. This could prevent blood clots as well, which occur when your legs are inactive for a very long time. You could also make sure to take a longer walk every night before bed to make sure that you are getting in your exercise.


Half an hour of exercise every day simply doesn’t cut it. Sitting on the couch for long periods of time can have very terrible consequences and can even hurt the heart over time.