Sun Therapy, And The Benefits of Going Outside

Doctors and specialists frequently warn patients about the danger of getting too much sunlight. Getting sunburned or even just tan can lead to wrinkles or worse effects, like skin cancer. But did you know that the sun actually has many different and beneficial qualities for your health?

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Ward Off Depression

Depression, especially seasonal depression, is one of the most common mental illnesses to affect both adults and children. However, getting only a little of sunlight can reverse pesky mood swings and bouts of loneliness. Sunlight creates vitamin D in our bodies, which allows us to naturally produce endorphins. Endorphins are groups of hormones that are released in our body to give us feelings of happiness and to also regulate our moods. So if you’re ever feeling sad or lonely, go out for a nice run or jog in the sunlight!

Lower Your Blood Pressure

Obesity and high blood pressure are two contributing factors to both heart disease and to also heart attacks. These conditions can be dangerous, even life-threatening. However, sunlight might just be the most natural cure. This is because sunlight can penetrate our skin and get to our red blood cells, where the light can cleanse arteries and blood vessels. This cleansing means that your heart and your blood will be pumping like nobody’s business in no time.

Just As Effective As Exercise?

Exercise is great for losing weight, and it also essential for strengthening your heart, getting your cardio, and also helping your lungs breathe better. However, sunlight can also help with these internal causes. By going outside and getting some vitamin D, the sunlight can enhance the body’s capacity to deliver oxygen to different organs and cells. So the sun actually has great effects on muscular and brain strength.

Sunlight Can Make Your Children Taller

Sunlight isn’t just for us adults, but can also significantly help out the health of our young ones. Babies should lay in the sun for a little while everyday so that they will increase in size. This is practiced by many cultures today, but has also been an ancient tradition that has been passed down through the generations.

It Can Actually Help Your Skin

This one has to be taken in small doses, because too much exposure to the sun can lead to skin cancer. However, did you know that occasional exposure to the sun can actually heal many skin infections? The sun’s vitamin D rays are wonderful for clearing up mild acne, psoriasis, eczema, and topical fungal infections.

It Can Actually Help Your Skin

Sunlight Can Get You In The Mood

By going outside and getting some sunlight, you actually might just be making yourself more “excited.” Sunlight converts high cholesterol in the blood into the sex hormones that we need to reproduce. This also means that by getting more sunlight, you’re turning your high cholesterol into mood enhancers.