Patients And Celebs Tell All About Risky Surgeries

In this day and age, there’s pretty much a plastic surgery for anything. Want to change your eye color? Get an eye plant that’ll change your iris color. Not so happy with your fate? Change the lines on your palms. Or maybe you’ve always wanted to look like an elf. Well, luckily there’s a surgery for making your ears pointy. Like we said, if you can dream it, they can surgically create it. That being said, there are risks involved with these surgeries, too. In fact, there are plenty of folks (celebrities included) who have gone under the knife and come out way worse for wear. Read on to hear some truly horrific stories about surgeries that went badly.

Reverse Colostomy Gone Very, Very Wrong


Just the sound of this isn’t good. But Joseph Swain, a man who was already suffering from diverticulitis, or a partial colon removal, lived to tell the tale. Due to a mistake on the operating table, this surgery caused him to excrete fluid from his penis. It was supposed to be a routine colostomy, but turned out to be a serious health risk.